Saturday, July 24, 2004

06-16-04: Hourly Pictures

Today started with breakfast followed by a talk, after which we headed out for an afternoon of island touring with some pack lunches.

We took a boat to another island, which was reputed to have rather liberal occupants, and hiked across it. About halfway across the island, while walking through a wooded area, we noticed what looked like a glorified lemonade stand up ahead along the side of the road. We walked up and saw that it was a "cookie stand" that contained fresh-baked cookies, cinnamon rolls, and other treats, along with many types of seedling plants. There was nobody tending it (though it was on a driveway, so it was probably near a house), and there was just a little sign with prices and a tin to put your money in. Luckily my colleagues all decided to buy something, so we hung around long enough for me to get an hourly picture (1300) of the stand. We were all relatively shocked that such a stand would exist, though after we walked further we saw at least one more (dedicated to breads), though it was sadly empty. That stand made our day (and the cinnamon buns were quite good).

After our hike we stopped by an aquaculture facility; the 1600 pictures were taken at this facility, and are of algae rearing tanks.

In the 1900 picture you can see our makeshift curtain, which we erected because the cabins completely lacked curtains. We didn't erect it for privacy, but instead to counter the afternoon sun that shone directly onto our bed while we were napping. While cats basking in the sun sure do look comfortable, I quickly learned that napping in the sun is not all it's cracked up to be.

We also discovered today that the island has a view of cruise ships as they head north from Vancouver (see the 2000 picture). We were quite depressed to see that there was nobody visible out on the deck of the ship; everyone seemed to be inside ignoring the beautiful scenery they were sailing past.

Our hourly pictures from the day are below. (This text was written after returning from the trip).

06-16-04: 0800 Posted by Hello

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06-16-04: 1000 - talk in progress

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06-16-04: 1300 Posted by Hello

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06-16-04: 1800 - Napping

06-16-04: 1900 Posted by Hello

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