Friday, July 09, 2004

Drywall is going up!

The house is yet again filled with the wonderful whine of drills and clatter of tools that signifies progress. We were up until 1am last night working on the master bathroom: we finished removing the old floor tiles, tore out the remainder of our previous contractor's badly installed drywall (we discovered that one piece had no screws holding it in), and started insulating the wall. We also spent a number of hours in the afternoon shopping for tile.

Then, this morning we were awoken by a 7am phone call from our drywall contractor asking if today would be a good day to do drywalling. We had only just yesterday called to let him know we were going to hire him, and had expected work to start next week (he was going to call this morning to schedule the job). As I talked with him on the phone I somehow managed to convince my groggy self that getting drywall installed was more important than sleeping, and told him to come on over. We rushed to get the insulation in the wall and finish cleaning the room, and now they're here working away.

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