Saturday, July 03, 2004

Window Update

When I last wrote about windows our contractor had begun work but our window company (1stWindows) failed to deliver the windows on time, so work was halted. The windows were eventually delivered the day before we left for Canada (about a week late), though we only learned of the delivery time about 4 hours before they arrived (good thing we were home).

We called our contractor from the road a few days ago to let him know our schedule and he sent a team out today to continue installing the windows. It was a long day for the workers as they removed the old windows, finished expanding the window openings (all three windows are larger than the previous windows), put in the new windows, added insulation to the wall, and repaired the wood siding around the windows. The friendly neighborhood building inspector will come out on Tuesday to inspect their work and if all goes well the workers will be back on Tuesday to wrap up the job.

It's very nice to see the new windows in place after more than 6 months of planning (and waiting for) this portion of job.

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