Saturday, July 03, 2004

June 11, 2004: Hourly Pictures

Today we decided to sleep in after our long day of driving yesterday, partially because we only had three more hours to go before getting to Port Angeles. We both needed the sleep, but unfortunately this meant we missed the free breakfast. Leftover Indian food and cereal quite sufficed, however.

After driving to Port Angeles we took the 5:15pm ferry to Victoria, B.C., Canada, and then drove to our bed and breakfast located near downtown. Before catching the ferry we had lunch by the docks and then found a local park (Crown Park) to relax in. The park had some wild raspberry and blackberry bushes [ed. note: we later learned that what we thought were raspberries were actually thimbleberries], and we spent a good half an hour wandering around the bank of bushes looking for ripe fruits. Unfortunately the berry finding didn't coincide with an hourly picture, so we won't have any pictures of the bushes to show you here.

Once in Victoria we met our kind bed and breakfast hosts at the Oak Lane B&B, unloaded the car, and then tried a seafood restaurant, Wharfside Eatery & Decks (flash site), on the recommendation of our hosts. The food was outstanding, quite possibly the best fish I've had (I got sea bass, my SO had scallops). Our waitress was also incredibly perky; if she ever gets put into an anime series she'll be a permanently super deformed character.

Our hourly pictures from the day are below.

06-11-04: 1100 Posted by Hello

06-11-04: 1200 Posted by Hello

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06-11-04: 1600 Posted by Hello

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