Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Brief house update

I've left a few loose ends with my recent house-related posting, and thought I'd wrap them up for those who are interested:
  • The in-common-laws were able to sleep in our newly created guest bedroom last night, which we brought about by putting the books that were on our "library room" floor into new bookshelves, moving the mattress we've been sleeping on from the guest room into the library room, and then moving the futon from the garage into the guest room. We'd normally just have our mattress in our master bedroom (as I imagine most people do), but we're using the master bedroom as a construction supply area for the master bathroom project.
  • The fourth coat of paint was enough for the master bathroom walls, which was a big relief. While there are still a few thin spots (especially on top of some of the textured areas), the walls look very nice.
  • The electrical finish installation went well, and we're psyched to finally have working lights in our bathroom. We have four lights around the mirror on one switch, two on the ceiling controlled by a separate dimmer switch, and a third switch for the fan. This is the first time we've had hard-wired lights in a bathroom in our house for almost a year; turning on the lights after they were installed yesterday was incredibly satisfying.
  • The plants in our new bed in the front yard are growing like crazy. Eleven of our 12 roses have leafed out (10 have flowered already), almost all of our cannas have sent up leaves, and all of our calla lilies have sent up leaves, with one blooming just a few days ago. The front of our house is much cheerier now (and hopefully I'll have many more flower pictures to taunt Minnesotans with this winter).
Next up for us is to install the master bathroom floor (tumbled marble, which we can afford because it's a small area), and then put in crown and baseboard molding, all of which we're going to do ourselves. Unfortunately we're going to have to hold off on both projects since I'm leaving on Friday to help my mom drive cross-country to New York where she'll start her ministerial internship in late August.

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