Thursday, July 29, 2004

Daily show clips

Semantic Compositions has recently said that he was baffled why the Daily Show was so popular, and while I admit to not watching it with any regularity, BoingBoing has linked to some good Daily Show responses to recent events that make me very tempted to chalk myself up as a fan of the show.

"Re-vote control" and "Delayed Elections" (mov link for both clips) both discuss the recent proposals to delay the election in the case of a terrorist attack. Quite possibly the best line is that, according to Jon Stewart, the administration is just "spitballing the idea that the president of the United States could, under certain circumstances, declare himself Caesar."

"The Boys in the Ban" is a response to the Senate debate about the gay marriage amendment, ending with a hilarious analysis of Senator Cornyn's speech-writer's comparison of gay marriage with the marriage of a man and a box turtle (though the senator apparently did not include that portion of the speech in his final speech).

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