Sunday, July 11, 2004

Tangled Bank #7: Call for Submissions

Tangled Bank Blutton

I'll be the host of this week's Tangled Bank, and thus I'm currently looking for submissions.

The Tangled Bank is a biweekly compendium of blog posts that are related to biology, natural history, and medicine, and is largely submission-driven. If you've written a relevant post, even if it was your first and only foray into the topic, please send in a link and I'll add it to the issue. See the Tangled Bank homepage for more information.

I'll be posting Tangled Bank #7 this Wednesday, so please have your submissions in to me by 1am Wednesday morning (pacific time). It appears as though The usual e-mail address ( is down, so for the time being please just send messages directly to me at

I hope to see your e-mails soon!

[updated 11am to reflect new e-mail information]

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