Friday, July 02, 2004

Home at last

After spending a few days in the San Francisco bay area visiting my parents, my SO and I are finally home. Of course we were greeted with the traditional Southern California welcome ceremony: a traffic jam that added more than an hour to our drive.

Since we had only installed our watering timer a few days before leaving for Canada we thought that our newly planted roses and bulbs might be dead and rotting when we returned. However, we were ecstatic to see numerous roses in bloom (including some gorgeously scented Princes), dozens of bulbs sprouting (most of the cannas, all but one of the calla lilies, the dahlias, and the amaryllis), and almost no weeds. In addition, Semantic Compositions stopped over on short notice to water our potted plants and did an exemplary job - it hardly looks like we ever left (including all the mess inside the house too, unfortunately).

All this driving and vacationing has left me wiped out, so I'm off to collapse.

p.s. I just looked outside (at 8:40pm) and realized that it's completely dark outside, how odd. We're still used to Victoria and Vancouver where it's been light until after 10pm.

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